Innovative Injectable Drug Delivery Systems

In this article, Thomas Jakob, PhD, Director, Business Unit Moulding, Pharma Solutions,
RAUMEDIC AG, describes innovative injectable drug delivery systems together with a broad
range of know-how and experience of polymer technologies. The most common starting point of
all innovative injectable drug delivery systems is a customer idea.

Innovative and complex ideas in the field of
polymer injectable drug delivery systems need
a capable partner to succeed in realisation. For
customised products such as new and innovative
Injectable Drug Delivery Systems it needs
a wide range of polymer technologies including
injection moulding, extrusion and assembly.
Starting with a first idea through prototyping,
design studies, risk analysis, research
and development up to mass serial production
under clean room conditions, packaging and
sterilisation the complete supply chain is more
than just complex.
Innovative Injectable Drug
Delivery Systems
With a share of approximately 25%, injectables
were the number two in the global pharmaceuticals
market in 2010, preceded only by
oral medication. Double-digit growth rates,
for example, in the areas of biotech products
and injectable generics show the importance of
this market segment. Besides standard prefilled
syringes, vials and containers, more customised
and innovative injectable drug delivery
devices, such as safety syringes, customised

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